n Communities.

The area has a population of 263309, of which 95,132 is concentrated in the area of Piacenza itself. 24.4% of the population is made up of people of old age. The average family size is 2.31 . 23% of the population have a qualification higher than that of the obligatory school diploma and 3% have a university degree.

The rate of employment is 49.4% while unemployment stands at 5.1%.

The manufacturing sector is prevalent in the economy and is characterised by small and medium sized firms which are particularly active in the mechanical sector.

Points of excellence include robotics and industrial automation.

Emerging sectors of the local economy, in terms of quality and quantity of products, are agriculture and activities linked with the transformation of products.

The provincial administration.

The provincial administration of Piacenza is a local governmental body which rests between the communes and regions in the Italian administrative hierarchy . From this position it promotes the develop of the region and its communities.

The province of Piacenza has 382 employees and a budget of around 100 million euros.

The province of Piacenza exercises a role in the following areas

The province of Piacenza has competencies in the following areas